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2nd leg of the tour complete!

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We are SO HAPPY! 3 Great shows this past week! Staunton, VA was magical.  Possibly the coolest experience we’ve had.  4 floors at the Pompei Lounge and we played on the 3rd and 4th floor.  So many people helped us get our gear up the stairs and we THEN they hung out and sang with us.  We loved it!  NEW YORK, what can I say, all our friends and family came to Spike Hill, the sound was perfect…thank you Dan! And the venue and other artists performed their hearts out.  Maryland…we sat for 8 hours in traffic but it was worth. June 21st is my favorite day of the year. The weather was beautiful and the views were even better.  My brother and his family helped us hustle into the venue to play on time. It was like having a road crew that had just trained for a marathon.  Fast and determined.  We loved playing and the audience hung out for all the acts who all kicked ass at Chapala Blue Beatle Bar!  

Thank you to everyone who helped us get this going.  We’ll be recording for the next week and then we’ll be heading to Kentucky to play and then back to recording.  Ethan plays with Badi Assad for two weekes and then leg three kicks off in North Carolina Mid July.  All good things! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 


Finer in Baton Rouge, LA

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The good things that happened this week are worth mentioning.  We played in Baton Rouge! Our life long friends let us crash for a week and we got a lot of new music done and researched some great opportunities for the future and we enjoyed Bluesfest!  Thank you to HTGT thrift for having us. The audience  and new friends were incredible and to You know Who, Hide Your Desperate Eyes and The Chambers for playing with us.  All the bands were so young and SO TALENTED!  We know we will be hearing more great things from them soon.  Thank you Louisiana! It was a pleasure. 


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Nothing could be FINER than to be in Carolina!  Thank you NC for being so incredible.  What a great to way to kick off our tour and new life on the road.  With stops in Spindale and Marshall and meeting up with the uber talented band Gallo this has been a pleasure.  For now check out our new video until you can catch us live!  Love, Stacy