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rocking with robby

Posted in Uncategorized on February 1, 2010 by finerstacy

In other news, we rocked hard at Birdy’s last night.  I had so much fun playing the guys!  The crowd was great and we were able to hear Manny’s smoking solos.  Ethan was perfect as usual and added even more funk to the group…if that is even possible.  Robby was hitting so hard that I think he moved my amp.  I also got the smile of approval from him as we closed out the night thanking Indianapolis for being such a great city and for supporting us on our way to Austin, Texas for the Red Gorilla festival.   Go Colts!


Never put bag balm in your hair…

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Well, I just read an article on yahoo about that gunky goo  bag balm that everyone puts  on anything that is dry, cracked or stiff.   Not to long ago back when we were living in LA and our band was called Oh Positive, I had my own little run in with the magic green box.  I have always been one to use whatever product was available for what whatever I felt like.  If I don’t have any toothpaste left…pounds of mouth wash, or vinegar get the job done.    If we were out of soup mix….water, hot sauce and the pulp from my morning juice SEEM to be very tasty.  No orange juice…just smash that banana up…still sweet, kind of yellow and makes you think of sunshine on a depressing day.  Good times!  So we were in L.A. rehearsing a lot, getting excited about a life in music and barely making time to look good.  We just wanted to play and have fun.   Right before one of our first shows, I was getting ready, picking out a t-shirt…very fancy I know.  And I got in the shower and realized that I was out of conditioner.  I panicked for minute and then thought, this is L.A. you can make anything work and look cool.  As long as you are confident and believe in what you are doing it will work out.    So I dried off  and looked in my medicine cabinet to review my options: apricot facial scrub would provide an edgy rough look.  Not really what I was going for but I would smell exotic.  The long lost toothpaste, might provide those white/blonde hair streaks I’ve been thinking about.   Hand sanitizer would make me smell like the bathroom in the club giving the audience a reason to relieve  themselves on the dance floor and not have to miss a moment of the show. Hum, that one was intriguing.  Or finally bag balm, which I bought because anything in a green metal box with pictures of cows promising ever lasting relief deserves to be in every medicine chest in the country.  Neh, the world!  So I went with bag balm.  Scooping a large chunk out with my guitar picking hand…BIG MISTAKE and started gently rubbing it on my scalp, my hair, my face. Wow, this was fun, I feel like I am the cereal in a breakfast commercial getting doused with creamy milk that is actual 5 year old glue aged to perfection.  But then gently rubbing went to aggressively patting as I realized that this stuff was not moving!   It liked being planted on my scalp ready for the next crop season so it could sprout more green boxes and provide more satisfaction to dry hands everywhere.   My hair turned into locks of daggers that would defend me to the death in any hair saloon or busy check out line at a grocery store.  “The lady will be allowed back into her place in line after taking 20 minutes to pick out  sodium free salsa.  Stand back I say or I will wallop you with one of my swords!”  So now I am coming to the understanding that this was my look for the night…entry level greasy prostitute …working way too hard and not getting a big enough piece of the pie.  We went on to have a great show, playing loud, rocking out and ready to keep improving.  Little did I know that we were getting reviewed that night by a local magazine and my picture would forever be immortalized in upcoming band road to stardom history… “Greasy Girl,  strong voice, plays music”.  I got to keep that slippery feeling for days as the bag balm was enjoying the rock star life.  It’s good to have a visual reminder that it takes a little while to sculpt what you want but it is a great process and I mean journey, not the over processed hair look which I am still considering. 🙂