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THE END OF THE BEGINNING…next week Memphis

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We appreciate Orlando and Daytona! We played with three wonderful bands with three very different sounds! Empire Theory is on the fast track to success and with great reason! These guys put on a show and it was not even with their full rocked out set up! We were very impressed and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  They were also incredible to us as we played. They hung on every word and engaged with us our entire set!  Thank you!  

Up next, The Welzeins are well on their way to creating a garage rock explosion.  This duo was so cool and had blazing punk rock songs.  It was a pleasure to be their screaming fan!  

In Daytona Beach we played with the lovely guys from Northe, a Jacksonville rock band, blending new wave and pop with expert melodies.  It’s not easy to be a new band, but these guys handle themselves with a lot of poise.  

As for us, the first leg of this two year journey is over.  We get a beautiful week and a half in NY to record and book more shows and animate(THANK YOU ETHAN!).  We are going to enjoy our families and connect with music that is going to be on the next EP.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to everyone we have met, the venues we have played and the bands that have shared the stage with us.  This is a dream come true!


Thank you OHIO! This week back in Indy opening for GALLO

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Ohio, what can I say.  I love every person that  I met!   Thank you Buzzbin and thank you The Patio Tavern.  We met great artists and hung with quality folks.  Now we are back in Indianapolis with friends and family gearing up for Thursday night at Birdy’s with Gallo, our touring friends! What a great opportunity to help build their audience by bringing out our music loving hoosiers as well as for us opening up for a killer group!

Finer on internet radio

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Finer on internet radio

It is always so glorious when you meet awesome people who just says yes to your music.

Thank you for putting I know you’re bad, Won’t you tell me and Memories in your rotation. Is  also playing Won’t you tell me!  

Video for Mine by FINER

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Video for Mine by FINER

Ethan did an incredible job!  We are so happy to share it with you.  

Our new album is done!

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ImageWe have finished our new album.  It will be available on iTunes in the next couple of weeks.  For now, a sneak peak is available at