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In tune wedding

Posted in music, musical equipment, wedding on June 13, 2010 by finerstacy

Ah, the weather is always a treat here in Indianapolis.  And by treat I mean keeping you on your toes so you don’t get wet feet.  Yesterday, Finer had the pleasure of playing for the Indianapolis Tornados minor league football family kickoff event and it was hot and fun, but hot.   The players and staff were so cool, the vendors were all community minded people providing services that benefited the area. The kids had a great day jumping on bouncy castles and working out with the players.  I, on the other hand, was melting.   Literally, I was vanishing into my guitar.   I would be rocking with the crowd singing some Stevie Wonder then step back to let Ethan take a solo and when I returned to the mic only half of me got there, the other half was in a pool of drenched melodies surrounding my feet.   It reminded me of another hot day in my life.

There are many important days in your life.  None more important than the day you decide to commit yourself to someone for the rest of your life.   My wedding was wonderful and epic to say the least.   Everyone’s big day is special, mine had an extra hint of special, because it was so hot out that every moment was slowed down by mother nature’s choice of heat and humidity.  It gave the photographer an extra chance to take that family picture, it gave my youngest niece the excuse to walk even slower down the aisle and still not throw one pedal as her flower girl duties called for.  It gave the band the opportunity to play our ceremony music picks of Coldplay and Incubus at tempos even a turtle couldn’t comprehend.   Don’t get me wrong, the band was incredible. We searched out every group in N.Y. and these guys made the evening.    But as my brother’s strolled out to “Are you In?”  I knew I would be hearing about this day for the rest of my life.  Most girls are nervous about walking down the aisle, questioning whether they had made the right choice.  I was worried about the G string on my guitar being out of tune for the song I had written to Ethan.  The whole day I was thinking, here I am marrying this musical genius, my guitar better stay in tune. I changed the strings the night before.  I tuned it when I woke up.  I tuned it before I got my hair done.   I tuned it after I had my make up done.  I put it in its case to make to let it cool off.  I had several of the groomsmen swear to carry an extra pick in their pocket and finally the moment was here. I was walking out of the entrance with my parents with my mom looking like a queen and my dad looking relieved everything was going smoothly.  When I got to the chupa to meet my soul mate and best friend, Ethan, standing right next to him was my Taylor.  We said our vows early in the ceremony and  as I played to him, a combination of sweat, snot and tears streamed down my face…sexy I know, but he knew what he was getting himself into.  I had made it to the end of the song, in tune, in time and ready for a great night.  Then the lightening and thunder made its way in to party, we had a moment of thinking there would be no music, or lights and we’d have to head in the house to keep everyone safe.  A moment later the sky cleared, and the evening was back on.  When we entered the main tent for the party and saw all our family and friends dancing, sweating or glistening as my grandmother would say, we knew we had not entered what looked like the 5th hour of rave, but a room of love courtesy of mother nature herself.  The next day it rained for hours and hours.  But we were married; nothing was going to put a hold on us.

My two year anniversary to Ethan was last week and it is only fitting that we got the chance again to play in sun soaked weather followed by SUBTLE hints of rain.