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Posted in music, swimming on July 12, 2009 by finerstacy

A great time was had by all at Bar Louie last night in Carmel.  All the crew from the Shine concert series were out in full support of my acoustic show.  Next week we’ll be back with the full band at Gold’s Gym Open house and in Chicago at the Bird’s Nest.

Today I got to see some of the best swimmers our country has to offer.  Of course the initial appeal was to see Michael Phelps.   I got a call around 3pm saying Michael Phelps is swimming in Indianapolis in an hour do you want to go?  My first reaction was my future children saying “Mom! You had a chance to see Phelps swim in his prime and you didn’t go?”  My next thought was I love people who work hard and achieve their goals.  And my third thought was he’s hot!   So next thing I knew I was on the IUPUI campus cheering athletic wonders in the pool below.   Each swimmer was fitter than the next.   The crowd was loving watching American and world records be broken and then hearing humble athletes describe their thoughts on improving their times and enjoying their victory.   I imagined the only way I was going to be in the company of such accomplished people was to be the woman carrying the sign introducing each race.  I could hold that  pole up as the swimmers reached the starting platforms.  But wait that might actually take strength.  Okay, I could be the line judge watching the swimmers touch the wall.  Wait, that takes focus,  okay I could be the crazy fan screaming “Go! Go!”  As the competitors heads bob up and down on the water.  Or I could make my friend take a picture of Michael Phelps standing on the sidelines.  Yes!  There we Go! GO!.