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Posted in baseball, music on July 28, 2009 by finerstacy

Very happy to announce that Finer is being played on stations throughout the U.S.  We plan to hit up the campuses in the fall and do acoustic shows at the stations.  Even Hofstra on Long Island is playing some tracks!

We pulled ourselves away from practicing for this weeks shows to head out to an Indianapolis Indians game. I reminisced about my former life as a psycho sports fan.  In high school I was beyond obsessed with the N.Y. Knicks. I would go to games and yell at Anthony Mason; even going so far as asking him to the prom.  Luckily my camp friend was available to fill in because Anthony had a game that night.  I remember screaming at the left fielder of the Oakland A’s Scott Lidy.  “Hey Lidy!  Look at me!  I love you!”.  Well the A’s lost that game.  If only he had looked my way.  So last night at the game my friend said “So and so is signing autographs at the end of the 8th inning behind section 105”.  I felt all of those all old feelings well up inside of me…should I talk to him, yell at him, just stand there quietly and admire him?  I walked around Victory field and found a medium sized line of 8 year olds and their moms.  It turns out that “So and So” was the  mascot Rowdie, not a player (makes sense since the game was still being played).   So I slowly backed away in my best slow motion walk and made it like I worked at the ball park and was making sure that everything was O.K.  “Everything looks about right here. I’ll check the concession stands to see that everyone is standing properly in line.”  and as I turned to go back to my seat something came over and me and I shouted “Hey Rowdie!  I love you!  Do you want to go  to the movies with me?”   And ran back to my seat singing “Take me out to the ball game!”