Friends are Fantastic! Baton Rouge, North Carolina

The tour has been great so far.  We love North Carolina and this time around did not disappoint.  We played with Angwish (Bryan is one of our favorites!)  The Several Devils Band is a new rock group that takes classic to a whole new level and Albert from Eyes Goes Ligthenging is a great songwriter.   A Tin Djinn blew our minds with their trio awesomeness.  We can’t forget Barbara Barnes creator of ART IMAGES LIVE who came to both gigs and drew all of the artists during the show.  Incredible work you can see on our facebook. 

In Baton Rouge we stayed with friends and reconnected with the most talented young musicians! Once again Taylor from You know who and Alex and Jordan from The Chambers elevated the night with kick ass guitar playing and great songs!  We also met Simple Interests, 4 guys who have a tight rock sound and are easy on the eyes.  

As for FINER, we recorded some vocals for our new EP…in a baby’s bedroom.  Nothing says Rock and/or Roll like a Crib…a literal crib.  We also played several new songs that we are so excited about and so were the crowds.  It’s always nice when what you have been working on gets unleashed and received with love.  Thank you everyone!

Florida gigs start Wednesday.  




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