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An autograph is very valuable

Posted in batman, music, rock, songwriting, the guild on August 18, 2010 by finerstacy

First off, FINER made it the next round of the battle of birdy’s!  We had a great night, met new people and as I was swing my guitar over my head in the air  I almost hit Ethan in the face.  He matrix styled his way out of it.  Thank you Mr. Reeves!   So thanks to those who came out and we hope to see more of you in October.  Also we’ll be at the Melody Inn next week on the 25th and we have a great night of music before we hit the stage.  Glass Halo and The Post Script are two rocking Indianapolis bands who always light it up.  Josh Eagle and Harvest City out of Ohio and Purgatory Hill  will start off the night.  Purgatory hill is getting press on The Onion’s website. Very cool!

Okay, enough promotion… I have had a crazy few weeks.  Every once and awhile I leave my lair of songwriting to head out into the real world.   Well, I was on the plane coming back from NY and I  was lucky enough to sit next to Sandeep from the web sensation The Guild.  Check out   So first off he was very smart and super cool.  Second, this show is so funny, I almost died laughing.   The premise is about a bunch of online gamers of a World of War craft style game who meet in real life and drama and fun ensues.   I lived in LA where everyone is an actor and I hung out with a dungeons and dragons improv group so this show hits very close to home.   Everyone is quirky and hysterical and your neighbor is the stunt guy for every random kung fu movie on the back shelves of Blockbuster.    So, I got invited to meet the cast at Gen-Con.  AWESOME!  I could not believe how many people where there and how many new games were being developed and how many guys look good dressed as the Riddler.   The Guild had a huge line and I got to cut the line…not cool I know, but I was running to help a friend with a video shoot in Muncie so I had an excuse.  The show was created and stars Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible’s sing-along who is way too hot and way too talented.  The cast was so friendly.  Now, when I meet famous people, I get very amped up and excited so I was running my mouth and talking to everyone around me.  I offered to take pictures for several fans waiting in line…their loss as I could hardly keep my hand straight.  And offered several antidotes to those who were deciding what to buy.  “Oh, get the one that matches  your desktop.”  Or “Everyone needs three copies of season 1 on DVD!”   I was down with the cause… and why shouldn’t I be.  The show is funny and I got everyone’s autograph.   I now have a personal connection and will tell everyone about the show.   I also got Keith Richards autograph when I was a teenager and look how that has helped the Rolling Stones!  🙂

Be at the Melody Inn Wednesday August 25th. We go on late around 11:30 or 12 but the whole night will be Incredible!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Melody Inn
3826 N. Illinois St.
Indianapolis, IN
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Sweet soccer

Posted in guitar, humor, rock, soccer on August 8, 2010 by finerstacy

Let’s take care of business first.  Finer will be at the Battle of Birdy’s this Friday August 13, 2010 at 10:40pm sharp.  Come out and vote for us. It’s going to be a great night…

Speaking of great nights…I just got back from N.Y. and got to spend a few days and nights with the family and for anyone who knows me and my Brady bunch sized crew you know I am the youngest of six and have an entourage of nieces and nephews.  Well, my flight got in late on Monday night so my first full day with the younglings consisted of intense soccer and playing with dolls.  My youngest niece reminded me that nothing is better than banging out some notes and beats on my old Casio.   She showed me all the latest dance moves including the yet to be made famous bang the ceramic doll’s feet together.  This rhythmic pattern will have all the pre-kindergarten children feeling instant joy and will be sure to annoy your teacher.    As the summer heat wave continued we headed outside for soccer.  This game was only for the strong.  And by strong I mean me and five of my nephews.   First it was me and the eldest guy ruling the field.  I felt all the glory of a top-tier athlete.  Swerving, jumping, and sprinting.  I got a lot of “Aunt Stacy, don’t’ play so hard!”  “Play at 50 percent.  Now play 40 percent.”  Soon this was deemed way too unfair.  We switched up teammates and the real effort began.    In an official soccer game there are two goals to be defended.  Each goalie stands in front of a net and guards it with his or her life. In my case it was a swing set with full on slide, ladder and rope swings.   I had to deflect the ball and at the same time watch out for a moving playground.  At the other end of the yard was a long fence and hitting the ball against the fence counted as a goal.   Although the playing field was a little bit uneven,  I was ready.  I had my new white Nikes on or as I liked to call them my nephew shoes. I did my best Elvis dance and sang “wearing my nephew shoes” in everyone’s face and subsequently got them stepped on.  I was being given the message…”Age is not on your side Aunt Stacy!”   So we set the teams up, 3 versus 3.  The youngest was on my team, I thought I had a ringer…maybe he was small, but that sweet smile is very deceptive and would be great for sneak attacks.  He had other plans.   He took a seat belly down on the swing and thus gave me one more thing to defend and look out for in the goal.  So much for sneak attacks. This was more like a swing attack.  Maybe he was a mole for the other team.  So it was down to 2.  I got an opportunity to play the field for a moment, scored about 6 goals and was told I was playing to hard from one side and not hard enough by my own teammate.  E tu Brute?   So we took a brief intermission and I gave the self-help lesson of compound Interest.  We reviewed you can improve over time, even if it’s little by little.  Your efforts will compound upon its self and your gains will be great.  They laughed it off, but we went inside and watched some Finer YouTube videos of bass player Uncle Ethan shredding on the bass.  They all knew how great he was.  But next I should them some of me rocking out on the guitar. They thought it was awesome and commented on how my armpits were right in front of the camera.   I explained that it took me time, but I have made great strides and now I am certainly a solid player.   But once this school lesson was over they were ready for more game time.  It’s not easy to keep up with elementary schoolers who are smart, witty and beyond athletic for their age.  But, I hung in there and charged up the field as much as could.  I left my sweeping the leg for another day and another story…remind me to tell you about the time I was playing Capoeira with my cousin in front of his mom and accidentally sent him crashing to the ground. Good times.    Soon we switched positions and I was back defending Central Park, I mean the goal.   They scored on me once, twice, three times.  You get the picture.   My nephew and what I thought was uplifting team gave a nice pep talk.  “Aunt Stacy, you’re letting them win!”  “Aunt Stacy, your skills are getting worse each time.”  “Seriously, are you for real?” So I dug in deep and said Buddy, this game is in your hands, but I need you to follow-up on every ball, watch their moves and attack and make a bee line for the goal, every time.  Now at this point we were down 7 to 20. I thought for sure it was over, but I was going to do my best to encourage him.  8 to 21, 9, to 23.  I was not helping the cause here.   “Aunt Stacy! We’ll never catch up.   But I kept yelling.  “Compound interest! “ “ Keep at it.’’  “You’ll get better each time.”  And then it happened.  10 unanswered goals!  It was 19 to 28!  My nephew was battling back and I had managed to hold off a few goals.  Remember the youngest was still swinging on the swing set and for all those concerned about the safety;   the ball was a rubber ball almost as light as balloon so no harm was done to anyone except to my face.  A few kicks had the ball land straight on my nose.  But you don’t need to look pretty for rock and roll so I’ll be okay.   At this point we were at hour 5 of soccer madness.  With one small break for grandma’s fresh cut watermelon (now that should be a song!), we were all pretty puckered out.  So we decided next goal wins.  The pressure was on.  My other nephews made it clear that I had to cheer for them as well and give them strategies because I loved them all equally and my information should be fair and balanced.  So with some grumbling from my team, I gave the other side some tactics and encouragement.  We had one play left and about one ounce of energy left to make it happen.  It was over before the ball even hit the ground. My teammate and “equally” loved nephew scored the goal.  The echo of a fence vibrating never sounded so sweet.  Victory was ours!  And so was the ice cream that followed!  I politely watched as the guys dug into their sundaes and my niece rocked out with her ceramic doll to the rhythm of the sprinkles being crunched.  It was a perfect day!

Watch my compound interest style guitar playing at the Battle of Birdy’s this Friday.