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air guitar

Posted in humor, musical equipment, songwriting on September 3, 2009 by finerstacy

Well, it’s been one heck of a summer.  My new guitar is finally here!  Abby Too! is totally rocking!  Ethan and  I have been going to college stations and playing songs off the EP and we have been playing with some new band mates we can’t wait to introduce you to in the fall.

The guitar is fantastic care of Steve D, the guitar ER!  We put Dimarzio super distortion in the bridge and the PAF pro in the neck.  Also I picked a used super distortion (about 30 years old) for Abby One.   I don’t want mommy to get blown away by the newbie.

Spent some time with my family in NY and made guitars with my nieces and nephews…paper plates, string, wood, markers and LOTS of tape…very hip.

I’ve been writing a lot and we got the opportunity to write a theme song for a movie company.   We should know by October if we got the gig.

Hope everyone is well and staying healthy…stock up on that garlic.   It will guarantee a date to the prom…did I say prom, I meant a date with your mom to the prom.

Have a good one!