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Garden Party

Posted in music on June 20, 2009 by finerstacy

Had the best time today at the Nobelsville  Garden tour.  The boys rocked out hard and I got play my acoustic with the full band.  It was nice providing some rhythmic progressions while Ethan, John, and Richard went to town on the originals.  We also some great sculpture work by Greg Knipe.  He does recycled metal pieces and is an Indiana based artist.

Friday was rocking at Tilly’s. We survived the lighting and storms, lost power for a moment but still got to hang with a great crowd.  Thursday was also a success at the Ale Emporium.  The benefit series for To Write Love on Her Arm is really picking up steam.  Brandon and Tim are doing a fantastic job so be sure to head in there on Thursday nights this summer.

Okay, stay cool in  this hot weather.


all night long

Posted in dogs, humor, music on June 15, 2009 by finerstacy

Hey Folks,

Finer has been out and about.  Chicago was great!  Got to play for an energized crowd at the Bird’s Nest including some family who flew in from NY to check out the show.  Nothing like having grown ups take over the road crew position and basically headbutt people on the way out of the club to get the gear into the truck.

We drove up from Indy and got in a quick game of kick ball with one of my nephews and got pounced playing air hockey.   Richard the drummer was a masterful kick ball player but even his fancy hands could not out wit a skilled youth in this game of precision and patience.  Ethan was a dynamo on the field, scoring left and right and catching air born balls like he was yawning after a long hard day of work.   John proved that sax men can throw, but aiming a kick…not so much.  Me on the other hand, I was watching the ball fly by in slow motion most of the time and managed one run.  Ah the smell of defeat is so sweet.   All of this was happening as while we were being circled by two of the most beautiful bulldogs you have ever seen.  They even watched Hotel for Dogs with us and went crazy every time another dog barked on screen.   If this rock star thing doesn’t work out we can always open the Finer Movie Theater for Dogs.

We played Claude and Annie’s on Thursday and loved the bar. The servers are great and even the Yuker players grooved along with the band.

On to a new week and new gigs.  We are psyched for the To Write Love On Her Arms benefit on Thursday!

love fest!

Posted in guitar, music, pedals, songwriting on June 1, 2009 by finerstacy

Hey folks, sorry I’ve been m.i.a. for a while.  We played a bunch of shows and I’ve been tinkering with my pedal board day and night.   Pretty close to getting it done.  Ethan and I are doing matching colors…yes totally cheesy, but I can’t deny who I really am…Velveeta to the max! I picked up the fulltone choralflange on ebay and made a friend out of it.  Who said chorus doesn’t bring people together.  Watching a lot of Paul Jackson Jr. videos on line.  His a big xotic effects guy and it’s awesome to hear him jam.

Finer played an amazing show in Chicago at The Orphanage last weekend. The staff couldn’t be nicer and we met some great bands…up from the wormwood definitely played some beautiful tunes.  Check them out on myspace.

John and I jammed at Tilly’s on Friday.  It was a four hour love fest!  We love the patrons and the owner Diana is a class act.  So when you are in Indy come check us out there.  Ran sound for the Bishops on Saturday during a tornado warning…yikes!  The band was incredible!  People were dancing the whole night.

Okay, check out we’re playing everyday this week and two shows will be with the full band so we’ll be glad to have Ethan and Richard laying it down!

Be well!