What time is it?

Back from NY, and we already played three shows this week.  It was a blast.  Wednesday was at the Tap Room in Zionsville, Thursday at Lizard’s and Friday at Tilly’s.  Thursday was awesome because it was the full band.  Watching Richard and Ethan rock out was a like a kid watching his favorite heroes on T.V.  I was just glued to the tube.  At one point during the show, we were doing one of our famous Finer interludes and John was soloing his tail off that I totally just stayed on the progression and let him keep going…forever.  It’s usually a two minute break but this turned into ten because it was just so vibey that I didn’t even realize how much time had past.   Tilly’s was great, we met some new people and sang songs with the regulars.  We even had some guest vocals which is always nice.   It was just me and John that night and he did a great job of covering parts yet was still tasteful.  Now we’re gearing up for the next bunch of shows. I am learning new covers and working on the originals.  Can’t wait to officially record them.  The band is really connecting and it will be fabulous having it down on tape.


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