Can you bare it?

In heaven today!  My wah has come back to me. Crying never felt so good. Got my line 6 mm4…got a ways to go with that one, but it is cool as hell and my A/C boost is in transit back to the Midwest.   Spent the day jamming yesterday and can’t wait to have all the kiddies back home so I can just play and have fun.   Finer has got three shows next week and I’m heading back to NY before then so I can recharge my mojo batteries.  Promise to be back soon with some fuller stories but here’s a quick one.  Back in college.I flew in to NY to meet friends and go to an Ani Difranco show.  Took a cab to Penn Station and started playing my guitar because as usual my friends were late. By the time they got there I was singing some Oasis, Alanis and anything else that ended with an “S” for a group of French exchange students.  Wonderwall never sounded so good and classy.   Ani, was fantastic.  It was just her, no drums, no bass, but still a lot of screaming fans.   We got lost driving home and ended up listening to the Bare Naked Ladies for hours…with our clothes on.


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