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What time is it?

Posted in guitar, music, songwriting on May 17, 2009 by finerstacy

Back from NY, and we already played three shows this week.  It was a blast.  Wednesday was at the Tap Room in Zionsville, Thursday at Lizard’s and Friday at Tilly’s.  Thursday was awesome because it was the full band.  Watching Richard and Ethan rock out was a like a kid watching his favorite heroes on T.V.  I was just glued to the tube.  At one point during the show, we were doing one of our famous Finer interludes and John was soloing his tail off that I totally just stayed on the progression and let him keep going…forever.  It’s usually a two minute break but this turned into ten because it was just so vibey that I didn’t even realize how much time had past.   Tilly’s was great, we met some new people and sang songs with the regulars.  We even had some guest vocals which is always nice.   It was just me and John that night and he did a great job of covering parts yet was still tasteful.  Now we’re gearing up for the next bunch of shows. I am learning new covers and working on the originals.  Can’t wait to officially record them.  The band is really connecting and it will be fabulous having it down on tape.


Can you bare it?

Posted in guitar, humor, musical equipment, pedals, rock on May 9, 2009 by finerstacy

In heaven today!  My wah has come back to me. Crying never felt so good. Got my line 6 mm4…got a ways to go with that one, but it is cool as hell and my A/C boost is in transit back to the Midwest.   Spent the day jamming yesterday and can’t wait to have all the kiddies back home so I can just play and have fun.   Finer has got three shows next week and I’m heading back to NY before then so I can recharge my mojo batteries.  Promise to be back soon with some fuller stories but here’s a quick one.  Back in college.I flew in to NY to meet friends and go to an Ani Difranco show.  Took a cab to Penn Station and started playing my guitar because as usual my friends were late. By the time they got there I was singing some Oasis, Alanis and anything else that ended with an “S” for a group of French exchange students.  Wonderwall never sounded so good and classy.   Ani, was fantastic.  It was just her, no drums, no bass, but still a lot of screaming fans.   We got lost driving home and ended up listening to the Bare Naked Ladies for hours…with our clothes on.

yes please

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“Who is this?  Who the ##$# is this? ” That was one of my brothers calling my house and talking to my friend who picked up the phone.   “Stacy, I think it’s for you”.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is to be respectful on the phone.  There’s nothing like having a customer service person who doesn’t want to be there give you an attitude when you’re trying to get some help over the phone. Eighteen year old Jessica would rather be hanging out with her boyfriend then talking to me about why my computer won’t start.  But I am sure it doesn’t help when I enter the conversation ready to rip somebodies head off.  “What do you mean, the warranty doesn’t cover flooding?  Why would I buy a warranty if it doesn’t cover all damages.”  I’ll tell you why, because sometimes you want to feel complete and make the whole purchasing experience a smooth and easy one.  So when I’m on the phone and the sales person asks “would you like an extra pack of strings?”  I always say “yes please.”  You see everybody wins, you get what you wanted and they get to up sell you and make commission. Everybody wins, just not you.  Or if a friend asks if you can help them move into a new apartment the answer is always “YES, please”.   So I think back to when we were living in L.A. and Ethan was not my boyfriend or my husband, but my hardworking bass player who needed to move apartments twice and needed me to do most and all of the moving.  That’s how he knew I was good catch.  Any girl who can move an entire apartment in one night while his roommates sit and watch TV and wait until the last box is out the door to ask if she needed any help would be a good wife or at least good at cleaning the basement or organizing a sock drawer.  So when moving cross country to Indianapolis, we decided to get rid of most of our things.  We sold a lot of gear, gave away all of our furniture and basically kept, books,  a few guitars, my songs and notebooks and our clothes.  Starting all over in new city  brings many exciting things including changing your address, setting up a new phone, internet and telling so many people your new information you almost get used to the muzak that is playing while you are on hold.  “My baby takes the morning train…”  Hey it’s better then silence which is always paired with that eerie crackling sound in the background. You’re not really alone but there’s no one to talk to.  So it kind of became an exercise in humility talking to everyone on the phone.  Constantly being patient, understanding that they get thousands of calls a day from  angry customers who think the world is going to end if they don’t get their cable turned back on right this minute.   I am certainly not perfect, once in awhile I find myself being way too demanding for what I am asking for.  Like earlier today when I had a missed call from Chicago and called the number to find a woman who vehemently  denied that she had called me.  I started off politely but after a few minutes of listening to  “Well I could have never called you because I have not picked up my phone in over ten minutes.”   I said “Who is this?” and I felt that good old fire ready to kick in. “My baby takes the morning train” began playing in my head and I backed away from the phone for a minute and calmly ended the conversation and listened to the message coming from a business associate who had in fact called from that woman’s number.  So instead of calling back and doing a “ha, ha, you’re burnt!”  I rang her up and said sorry for the confusion.  You see I can be nice and accommodating and not have to have somebodies head on a plate just because we were not in agreement. I forgot to mention that while in L.A. I moved three times and Ethan had to  do one of those all by himself while I was substitute teaching.  I’d call him from work  to say “Hey do you want to move all of the stuff into the van while I’m happily on my lunch break?”  I heard some crackling silence and then all I could hear in my head was “”Who the !!?!? is this?” but out loud I heard a nice reply “Yes, please”.

Just saying thanks!

Posted in humor, music, rock on May 4, 2009 by finerstacy

Finer, had a great weekend. Cool show at Tilly’s Pub with Ethan and John boosting the sound.  Loved singing some Adele songs!  That girl is AWESOME!  We ended around 2:20am and everyone showed up for rehearsal at 10am.  That’s dedication!   Soon Ethan was  off to play with the Max Allen Band in St. Louis.   Just wish I had metal claws coming out of my hands like Wolverine so I can permanently scratch THANK YOU into the walls.